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Reconciling Global Position - Course Contents

Reconciling Our Global Position and The Common Good [ES]

Facilitator Notes / Background Information

This course is designed to be an introduction to the concepts of power and privilege. We recognise the prevalence of social injustices present in all societies that this topic can open up sensitive topics for people from their experiences or issues they’re passionate about.

While this course does not want to be dismissive of those issues, we recognise that many issues surrounding power and privilege can be complex and it is beyond the scope of this course to adequately provide a forum to address or debate specific topics. We would advise facilitators to set some guidelines for participants to manage expectations and ensure conversations are sensitive and respectful towards one another.

We hope this course provides a meaningful introduction to how we can begin to identify, define and understand how power and privilege is enacted in the world around us. This course’s intent is not to blame, shame or pass judgement on anyone, but simply to allow for meaningful conversation and reflection for participants who are wanting to look deeper into structures that perpetuate inequality and injustice.

Remember, the outcome of this course is not to determine what’s right and wrong, but to equip participants with an introductory framework to consider structures of power and privilege in society.


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