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The West’s Journey Away from Orphanages [ES]

Australia and the US removed children from institutions in the 1980s. Yet, many Australians and Americans today start orphanages in other parts of the world. Why do you think that is? This course explores some of the beliefs that drive this.

This course provides a comparative case for students as they process the issue of institutionalised care around the world. Students explore the journey of the US, UK, and Australia as they moved from institutionalised care and reflect upon how similar approaches for advocating for change could be employed today. This course rounds out their understanding of the harms of orphanages and builds foundational knowledge that is used in the Championing a Cause course.

Survey (Test): Pre-test

Before you are moving ahead taking this course, we would like you to spend few minutes completing this pre-test. This pre-test will help us gather more information regarding how much people are aware of the orphanage crisis and its negative impacts on children. Your contribution in filling both pre-and post-test will help us collect data so that we can include in this course in the future.

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